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My name is Keaton Samantha Wallace, but I go by Keaton Sam. I specialize in wedding photography and am starting up a little business with my sister who also does videos for weddings. But as you can see by my website, I shoot, design, and create a wide variety of things!

My Story

I started my photography and graphic design journey my junior year of high school, when I took a web and more class where we were taught the basics of a wide variety of arts. From that class my passion exploded. Senior year of high school I was already taking graphic design classes at DMACC, and using my mom's little Canon Rebel camera for photography classes at my high school. I loved them both so much that I decided to go to DMACC for both degrees.

Although it has taken me a little longer to graduate than previously anticipated (thanks Covid!) I am finally done with both my Photography Degree and Graphic Design Degree, as well as a Visual Communications Diploma and several art centered certificates.

This summer I already have several weddings lined up, and I get to shoot alongside my sister Makenna, who specializes in wedding videos!

I moved from Ankeny, Iowa to Bloomington, Illinois in the early fall of 2022 to help start a church plant through the Salt Network. The Salt Network is an organization that focuses on bringing Christian community to college campuses both in the US and around the world! I have been a part of the Salt Company at DMACC for 5 years, and I am so excited to start this new journey helping out with the Salt Company at Illinois State. I am bummed to be leaving everything I know in Ankeny, but my sister is coming with me so the wedding business will continue!

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